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I love a paradox. One of my favourite theatre directors, Anne Bogart, says, “Within two opposites lies the untamed and complex truth about being alive.”  That shape-shifter place - the unknown, the mysterious, the unexpected - that's where I like to hang out.  Come hang out with me!


The moment you see me in full, you know - that woman is beast and beauty in one. With our first embrace, you are enveloped in my warm, soft curves that spill over like hot lava. My eyes, the colour of the dark ocean, invite you to dive deep. You breathe in the fresh scent of my wild hair and you are riding the wind with me.  All of our nerves float away and we are grounded together, in sync, like steady, driving bass notes.


Somehow, you know not to get too comfortable because I’m definitely here to keep you on your toes.


You are here to feel alive, no?


I have a gorgeous mind, a sharp tongue,  and a perverse attraction to the absurd.  I'm rather shameless, and baby, I don't hold back.  I delight in witty banter, and I like a man who's not afraid of the ideas of a big, bright woman!


Are you ready to get into it?

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My philosophy

I believe whole heartedly that desire and what we do with it is profoundly hilarious.  It's the place we come to be our unrestrained selves, to drop the act, to shirk the binding roles and scripts that oppress us and keep us small and boring.  It's where we go to be monstrous and kind, vulnerable and generous, diminutive and all-encompassing.

In my experience, nothing kills a boner like ego.  My goal as a provider is to create a space where bravado goes to die.  I want us to meet in the agreement that we are both strange and wonderful, and inherently desirable. 

Let's luxuriate in the beat of our messy, pounding hearts.

Let's break and laugh till we cry about the silliness of two bodies entangled. 

Fuck it.  It’s not that serious.  Let's let our hair down. 


You came to play. 



You came to get free.

She's the thrill that rises at the crest of a roller coaster.

your favourite sweatpants and a cup of Mr. Noodles.

your night light in the silent dark...




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