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Joy. Pleasure. Solace.

Are you ready to let the banal responsibilities of life drift away?

 Kiss the boredom goodbye and kiss me hello! 

Whether we are taking a stroll down the Seawall

and getting to know each other, blushing over oysters and candle light, or fooling around on the couch with a Chris Farley movie in the background,

we’re carving out a special space that belongs only to us.  

When you come to me, know that you are safe to be your most private self.  You can be as bashful or outlandish as you want, and in me, you will find a friend and a kindred spirit.


Come be with me.  Let's smile the night away.


1 hour


1.5 hours


2 hours


3 hours


**Ask for estimates regarding
extended visits, overnights, and FMTY rates

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