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I know that this industry presents many possible risks to both provider and client.
Any personal information you share with me is used only
to ensure my own physical and emotional safety, as is industry standard.  
Privacy, both mine and yours, is extremely important to me.


In order for me to feel comfortable meeting and being intimate with you,
a person I haven’t met, I require that you provide me with the following verification:


1) A positive reference from another provider that you have seen within the last year.  
This reference should include the provider’s name, contact information, website
or social media handles, and the approximate date of your last visit.


2) A non-refundable deposit of at least 10% of the donation for the session you wish to book



If neither of these options suit you,
you may propose another form of verification that feels more comfortable for you, however, there is no guarantee that I will accept it.


If you prefer not to screen in any form...move it along, buster!

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Hey, sometimes things come up and you have to cancel.  
I know what it’s like to be busy. 
Also sometimes us silly little humans can get nervous and change our minds.  
This is also completely understandable. 
What I request from you is respectful communication about the change of plans
and the understanding that I am a hard working professional, just like you.


If you have to cancel our engagement and offer at least 24 hrs notice,  there will be no penalty.  


If you cancel within less than 24 hrs of our appointment time,

I require a cancellation fee of 50% of our scheduled booking

before I agree to reschedule our date.


*Deposits and cancellation fees can be paid in the form of

Email Money Transfer to or with the following

gift cards: 




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